What do you want your print made from?

The 3D printers at Lyforms can handle a variety of materials in an array of colors. If Lyforms doesn't have a color or material in stock, it can be obtained with a few days lead time. Lyforms will work with you to determine which one will work best for your object.

Materials available include:

  • ABS plastic - same material from which Lego blocks are made
  • PLA plastic - much like ABS but is plant-based and bio-degradable
  • FDA, diswasher-safe PLA plastic - same as PLA but is safe for eating utensils & the dishwasher
  • PETG - bottles of water are made from this material - it is recyclable
  • TPU - flexible, rubber-like material that is very impact resistant
  • Wood-plastic composite - 20-30% wood particles, the rest is PLA plastic - feels like the composite decking material
  • Carbon-fiber-plastic composite - 20-30% carbon-fiber particles, the rest is PLA plastic - very strong and light