• N Scale Roof Top 20 ton HVAC unit


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  • N Scale Roof Top 20 ton HVAC unit

    20 Ton



  • N Scale Roof Top 20 ton HVAC unit

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    roof tops

  • N Scale Roof Top 20 ton HVAC unit




  • 1960s-1970s Gas Pump Islands
    Prime Pumps

  • 1960s-1970s Gas Pump Islands
    1960's-70's era gas pumps

  • 1960s-1970s Gas Pump Islands
    Realistic hose details

  • 1960s-1970s Gas Pump Islands
  • Modern Era Canopy and Fuel Pumps


    Gas canopy and pump kit!!

  • Modern Era Canopy and Fuel Pumps

    Includes 4 modern gas pumps and canopy!

  • Modern Era Canopy and Fuel Pumps

    Detailed parts to enhance your layout!

  • Modern Era Canopy and Fuel Pumps


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    Since Lyforms Small-Scale kits and parts weigh so little, First Class shipping via USPS is the most cost-effective. All items are packed carefully so that they will arrive safe and sound. USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are also available. If you'd like to use a different carrier, please tell us before placing your order by using the Contact Us form and we'll work something out.

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    Even though Lyforms Small-Scale is a one person operation right now, Rafe Lyford will do his best to respond to your inquiries in a timely fashion using the Contact Us form.

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    All payments in the Lyforms Small-Scale online store are made using PayPal, one of the largest online payment providers in the market today. Credit cards as well as personal PayPal accounts are accepted.

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Welcome to Lyforms Small-Scale!!

3D printing modern-era N scale structures and accessoriesPicture of Rafe Lyford

Hi there!! I'm Rafe Lyford, owner of Lyforms Small-Scale. I produce n scale building kits and other details using digital computer aided design and 3D printing. They are printed using high quality plastic and designed with an attention to detail that will look great on your layout.

I invite you to browse the Lyforms Small-Scale online store and explore the many unique n scale kits and accessories that I have made available. They look like building designs found during the modern diesel era ranging from the mid 1960's through today. These are the designs that I remember during my lifetime and have helped me to recreate fond memories on my layout.

While there are many pre-designed kits and accessories available on Lyforms Small-Scale, I am also available to create custom structures from your memories. All you need is some pictures of the structure and some scale dimensions. I'll work with you to create a digital, 3D mock-up for your review prior to printing. I will also estimate the material costs so that you will have an idea of how much the final price will be. Please feel free to contact me using the contact form.

I hope that you enjoy looking through the Lyforms Small-Scale online store. I always have new ideas in the pipeline, so please be sure to come back and see what's new!!

Thank you for your interest!!

Welcome to the future of model railroading!


3D printed modern era N Scale structures and accessories