Weathering Trains w/o Airbrush, Pt 1


Photo of prototype ballast carI decided to take a break from 3D modeling/printing and focused on my own model railroad. I had some rolling stock that needed some truck replacements and I figured while I'm doing that, I might as well apply some weathering to the cars! I LOVE weathering! It really makes your model railroad come to life!

There are so many different techniques to achieving the same end results and it can get a little overwhelming. Many techniques take advantage of airbrushes. While I have an airbrush, I didn't feel like breaking it out and setting it up. Plus, I don't have many airbrush paints yet. I chose to focus on techniques that don't require an airbrush.

I shared YouTube videos of some of the techniques that I found. They range from using washes to pastel chalks to lead pencils. They are also pretty basic and are good places to start.