Wabtec 3D Printing Facility


Photo of Wabtec's new additive manufacturing facility at Neighborhood 91 in Pittsburgh, PA.The Wabtec Corporation, a manufacturer of locomotives and train components, recently opened a facility at Neighborhood 91, an additive manufacturing campus located in Pittsburgh, PA. Wabtec will use the facility to 3D print parts for the rail industry with quicker turnaround time compared to traditional manufacturing.

Neighborhood 91 is meant enable companies like Wabtec to adopt 3D printing by co-locating other companies on the same campus. The goal is to provide a complete supply chain required for additive manufacturing in the vicinity.

This is a great model of how 3D printing can be scaled up to provide practical, usable products while creating new opportunities at the local level.

Check it out: https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/wabtec-begins-operations-at-neighborhood-91-additive-hub/