Why Lyforms? Explainer Video


Happy New Year everyone! I recently completed my first "explainer" video for Lyforms Small-Scale! It explains the idea behind Lyforms Small-Scale and what it has to offer that makes it different than other companies in the same market space. A 2 minute video is an effective way to achieve that.

I kept the premise simple. The video presents the problem: a lack of modern era building structure kits available in n scale. It then presents the solution: the building kits and accessories available from Lyforms Small-Scale! 

Explaining the problem takes up most of the time in the video because I chose to explain it for someone who has little experience with model railroading. Not only is it meant to sell products from Lyforms Small-Scale, but it also attempts to attract new people to the hobby, especially younger ones. Modern era products will be more attractive to younger generations.

It was fun to create. First, I wrote the script. Second, I recorded myself speaking the script (yes, that's me!). Next, I put together a rough story board so that I could add visuals to support the script. From that, I drew the illustrations and scanned them. It was all put together using an online tool called Raw Shorts.

I hope that you enjoy the video! If you do, please click on the thumbs up icon to "like" it on YouTube!