Convenience Store, Part I


As I mentioned in my blog post, Pump It Up!, gas stations and railroads seem to go well with each other. It's not uncommon to see a gas station next to a set of railroad tracks.

The gas station has transformed over the years from being a strictly offering auto oriented services to a full retail bonanza selling everything from tasty snacks and pizza to cell phones accesories and firewood. It turned into what is now known as a convenience store.

Just as I stated in the Pump It Up! post, my idea was to create store buildings in styles that would work in era's since the late 1960's to the present. The SK006 is my first design. I features a flat roof top with an enlarged rectangular marquee across the front that can be used for signage. It is a design that is commonly found in modern era convenience stores, both rural and urban.

I chose to go with a combination of standard siding and brick facades. I was able to utilize the same brick patterns mentioned in my post, Hit the Bricks. However, this was my first attempt at creating a siding texture and I was rather pleased with it. The combination of the brick and siding textures offer some unique opportunities for weathering as they both show off washes and dry brushing well.

The flat roofed convenience store is available in several different kits: SK006, SK007, and SK008. The difference between them are the accessory pieces that are included with the store building.

  • SK006 includes only the store building.
  • SK007 includes the store building, gas pumps, and canopy (SK017).
  • SK008 includes the store building, gas pumps, canopy, and accessory pieces such as trash cans, air pump, car vacuum, propane cabinet, outdoor merchandise display, ice machine, dumpster, and dumpster enclosure.

As usual, it's the details that really make the kit come alive. That's why I was determined to create the accessories listed above so that they could be sold with the building kit. I wasn't sure if the details on the accessories themselves would turn out well upon printing, such as the hoses on the air pump and car vacuum. It took some trial and error, but I was finally able to get something that looked satisfactory after applying a little paint. All of the accessories are available separately.

Of course, you don't have to purchase any of the accessories. The building kit itself lends itself to many different purposes such as a diner, dry cleaner, laundromat, or pizza shop. Use your imagination!

Since the store building kit fits in era's from the late 1960's to the present, I plan on going back in time and designing gas pumps from the past in styles from the same time frame. They will be offered with the store building to model different decades, so be on the watch for those in the future.

If you haven't seen them yet, please go check out the photos in the Kits section of the SK006, SK007, and SK008 kits. You can also view the accessories in the Parts section. Hopefully they can find a way to your layout!