Dumpsters, you say? Not a very exciting topic, I agree! However, I wanted to put in a good word about building kit SK016 - Dumpster Enclosure w/Dumpster because it is another unique offering Lyforms Small-Scale that isn't commonly found in the n scale marketplace.

Unfortunately, humans have become synonymous with waste. Trash dumpsters are common place in real life scale, so it's only natural that adding 1:160 scale dumpster details to your layout will help bring it to life.

But just dumpsters aren't always enough. If you look around behind most businesses, not only do they have dumpsters, they also have a walled-off, gated enclosure in which the dumpster resides. This helps to protect the dumpster from becoming targets to invaders digging through the trash and potentially making a mess.

The idea for this kit was in my mind for a while. I didn't want to just make a dumpster. I wanted to make the enclosure as well. So as I went about my day to day activities, I made an effort to look at the different enclosures out there and make mental notes on elements to include in my design.

A lot of what I saw were constructed out of bricks, so I chose the brick texture mentioned in my post, Hit the Bricks, for the SK016 enclosure. They also had gates of varying design made from chain link fencing to wooden privacy style fencing. I chose the privacy style gate with a raised cane bolt feature that can be painted to stand out against the gate panels. The dumpster fits neatly inside.

The SK016 kit was designed along with the modern convenience store kits mentioned in the post, Convenience Store, Part I, but it makes a fine addition to any building or scene in your layout. And due to its ubiquitous styling, it can be used in settings from multiple eras.

If you haven't seen the SK016 - Dumpster Enclosure w/Dumpster kit yet, please go check it out in the Kits section. Hopefully it can find a way to your layout!