Backyard Shed


Lyforms Small-Scale backyard garden shed photoEveryone can use a little bit of more storage space, right? Well now you can provide that space to your n scale citizens with the first Lyforms Small-Scale Backyard Shed! It will go perfectly in their backyards.

I created it after someone told me at a model railroad show about how difficult it was to find a storage shed that you would typically find in a residential setting. I went out to look online and found lots of sheds that would look fantastic in a rail yard, but only a handful of them could be adapted to look good in the backyard of someone's home. It was high time that n scale residents had a shed where they can put their stuff!!

I modeled it after the design of a typical wood framed garden shed. Details include a gabled, shingled roof, supports for the 4 corners, vertical boards on the sides, and double doors with the standard "z" shaped support boards. Dimensions are 11/16 in long X 9/16 in wide X 11/16 in tall.

If you haven't see it yet, please go and check out the SP048 - Backyard Shed in the Parts section. Hopefully it can find a way to your layout!