Drive Thru Photo Kiosk


Lyforms Small-Scale n scale 1970's drive up photo kioskDoes anyone remember these? If not, then go watch the first "Back to the Future" movie and you will see one its heyday. Let me explain what they were.

A little background: Way back in time, before the instant gratification of digital photography, you had to wait a period of time to get your camera film developed before you could actually see your photos.

From the mid 1960's to the mid 1980's, several photography retailers such as Fotomat and Fox Photo, opened up thousands of photo developing drive up kiosks that would develop film in 24 hours and later as technology advanced, in 1 hour. They were tiny buildings located in the vast parking lots of shopping centers, big box discount department stores, and strip malls that covered suburban America. Customers would drive up to a window on one side and drop off their film to be developed.

With the advent of the 1 hour micro-lab and then digital photography, the business for these little photo huts dried up. Most of them no longer exist, but you can still find a re-purposed one if you keep your eyes open.

In an effort to provide structures in from modern eras, I felt that it was important to reproduce one of these in n scale because they are iconic of the enthusiasm for the conveniences of the American suburban lifestyle. It is modeled as a hybrid of the popular Fotomat and Fox Photo kiosk designs with a drive thru window on one side and a door on the other. Other details include a raised frame structure that are highlighted well with paint and a pyramid shaped roof. Its a small detail that will definitely add life to new and existing layouts alike.

If you haven't see it yet, please go and check out SK021 in the Kits section. Hopefully it can find a way to your layout!