Convenience Store, Part II


Convenience store with hip roof from Lyforms Small-ScaleBack when I created SK006, the convenience store with a flat roof, it was in the back of my mind to also make a variant with a hip/sloped roof. This is a style that has been commonly found throughout the United States for the past 25 years or so.

I was able to use the base and wall pieces from the SK006 convenience store with a flat roof kit which helped to save some time and effort. This allowed me to focus on the roof. I chose a pyramid shape with 4 slopes forming a rectangular base. A one sided open gable protrudes out the front to provide a surface for signage.

The shingles proved to be a challenge. I was able to apply many of my learning from creating brick textures (see my post Hit the Bricks). I created my roof shape first minus any of the shingles. I then created a shingle shape in my CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, duplicated it, and placed them on on top of the roof shape object to create a shingle-like texture. I made sure to stagger them just as shingles are commonly installed in real life.

I went with standard dimensions for asphalt shingles in the U.S.: 38 inches long by 12 inches high. This translated to roughly 6mm by 2mm in n scale. I realized that only half of the height of each shingle is actually exposed which is just under 1mm. I was concerned that this would be too small for the human eye to pick up and quickly identify that they are roof shingles, so I decided to go with a height of 1.5mm-2mm.

For shingle depth, there was no way to go with a realistic dimension because it would be definitely be too small to see, so I went with my standard 1mm. This allowed for a great shingle-like texture that picked up weathering very well.

Bearing the texture and weathering in mind, I felt that it was important to get the shingles on the ridge and hips right. These lines allow your eyes to quickly recognize that the roof is a shingled hip roof. I created another shingle shape in my CAD software with an angle in the center. From there, I duplicated it and applied them in a single line along each hip and ridge line. They are sloped so that the human eye can pickup on the texture. I also made sure the they were raised enough so that the light would create a shadow to accentuate the hips and ridges.

On the undersides, I created four soffits to hug the walls of the building. They provide lots of surface area for signage.

Just like the flat roofed convenience store, the hip roofed convenience store is available in several different kits: SK011, SK012, and SK013. The difference between them are the accessory pieces that are included with the store building.

  • SK011 includes only the store building
  • SK012 includes the store building, gas pumps, and canopy (SK017)
  • SK013 includes the store building, gas pumps, canopy, and accessory pieces such as trash cans, air pump, car vacuum, propane cabinet, outdoor merchandise display, ice machine, dumpster, and dumpster enclosure

Of course, this building kit doesn't have to be a convenience store. It lends itself to many different purposes such as a family restaurant, bank, pancake house, or realtors office. Use your imagination!

If you haven't seen them yet, please go check out the photos in the Kits section of the SK011, SK012, and SK013 kits. You can also view the accessories in the Parts section. Hopefully they can find a way to your layout!