Lyforms Small-Scale car wash w/flat roofCar Wash, Part I


So I would be remiss if I didn't offer a car wash option with the Lyforms Small-Scale convenience stores. The car wash is a common feature offered by many convenience stores and gas stations across the United States. Fill the tank up, grab some snacks, and get your car sparkly clean!

As I was creating the SK006, I wanted to include a car wash structure similar to the automatic ones that are found with many modern convenience stores. These are the types where you stop at a pay kiosk and either enter your credit card, a token, or punch in a code that you received when you purchased a car wash at the pump or in the store. After that, you pull inside the car wash, stop when the red light flashes at you, and let the brushes, water jets, soap sprayers, etc do their thing to get your clean.

This car wash kit is designed to go with the SK006 convenience store w/flat roof. It has a matching flat roof and marquee that hangs around all four sides leaving excellent space for signage. It also uses a combination of siding and brick facades. Two openings serve as an entrance and exit through which your n scale citizens can drive their vehicles. On one side, there is a closed maintenance door. The building rests on top of two curbed foundations on which the self service pay station can stand.

The car wash kit is available as a package with the convenience store w/flat roof and gas pumps w/canopy or as a stand alone kit.

If you haven't seen them yet, please go check out the photos in the Kits section of the car wash w/flat roof:

  • SK022 includes only the car wash building
  • SK014 includes the car wash, store building, gas pumps, and canopy
  • SK015 includes the car wash, store building, gas pumps, canopy, and accessories

You can also view the convenience store w/flat roof kits: SK006, SK007, and SK008. Hopefully they can find a way to your layout!