4 Color 3D Printer


M3D Crane Quad 3D printerUp until recently, one of the limitations of consumer grade 3D printing has been that only a handful of colors could be printed at once. And these colors could not be mixed to create different colors like they can with 2D printers. This meant that you had to have a large stock of filament in many different colors.

A company called M3D has announced a new printer that will handle up to 4 different colors of filament AND mix those colors to create even MORE colors. What makes this even cooler is that the price point will be under $500! Release date will be in Q3 2018. I'm very interested and will read some reviews when it comes out.

Click here for more info: https://3dprinting.com/news/m3d-unveils-new-color-desktop-3d-printer-for-under-500/.

Click here for the M3D page: https://store.printm3d.com/products/crane-3d-printer.