Going Postal


SK001 photoFor this week's post, I am going way back to talk about the first model kit that I designed for Lyforms Small-Scale. It is the SK001 Office & Warehouse Buidling w/Handicap Ramp Kit. This was my first attempt at designing a kit using a CAD tool. A lot of trial and error went into arriving at the final version.

It was initially conceived to be a post office modeled in a mid-century modern, flat-roofed style like many government buildings found across the country. A brick texture covers all of the exterior walls. The process to create the brick textures is described in a post called "Hit the Bricks".

The kit contains two sections: a single story office building in front and a multi-story warehouse building in the back. Since it is a government building, it is ADA compliant with a handicap ramp leading up to the front entrance. I hadn't seen handicap ramps on any n scale building kits, so I felt that it was well overdue.

I love loading docks, so I was determined to integrate one into a Lyforms Small-Scale kit at some point. The SK001 has a great one with lots of details: guard rails, overhead loading door, double hinged doors, access stairs, loading elevator, and loading dock pads. The guard rails are printed as one piece with the base of the loading dock instead of being separate pieces. This makes it easier to assemble.

Each building section has it's own roof line which provides great "palettes" for creating roof tops with character. In model railroading, roof tops are what all viewers will see as explained in my post "The Importance of Roofs". They look good with surface detailing for tar paper, rubber membrane, or ballast. The SP009 set of roof details are included with the kit.

While the original vision of the kit was a post office, I realized that it could serve other purposes as well. That's why I decided to offer it in several different versions:

  • SK001 includes both front and rear buildings with handicap ramp
  • SK002 includes both front and rear buildings without handicap ramp
  • SK003 includes only front building with handicap ramp
  • SK004 includes only front building without handicap ramp

If you haven't seen them, please check them out in the Kits section. Hopefully they will find a way to your layout!