Roof Details, Part I


Photo of Lyforms Small-Scale SP009 roof detailsHappy Fall Back!!

I've always felt that roof tops have a mysterious quality about them. Most of the time, our viewpoints don't allow us to see them. In the model railroading world, they take on a different meaning. As I mentioned in my post, "The Importance of Roofs", building roof top detailing is very important as that is what everyone will see when looking down on your layout.

Luckily, Lyforms Small-Scale has two sets of roof details that can help when detailing roof tops: SP009 and SP020SP009 was designed first to go along with the SK001 kit and its variations. It was fun researching online all of the different shapes and sizes of stacks and vents. There are SO manny of them! I wanted to provide a set of details that has several different options  so that modelers could choose exactly what they want. They also have enough parts that can be used for several different models.

SP020 was designed next and has larger HVAC units as well as some different vents including an upblast vent that can be used for restaurants and other eating establishments. I was able to improve the detailing on the HVAC units so that you can see circuit boxes, pipes, conduits, and fan grating. These allow an abundance of options for painting and weathering to really make your roof tops pop!!

Both sets of roof details have been very popular and great sellers. I print them during live demos when I bring my 3D printer to shows and presentations. There are lots of other real world examples from which to model and I plan on turning them into more n scale roof details, so please check back!!

If you haven't seen them, please check them out in the Parts section. Hopefully they will find a way to your layout!