Street Marking Stencils


Photo of Lyforms Small-Scale Street StencilsI'm excited to announce a new set of products from Lyforms Small-Scale! They are a slight departure from the other items in the Lyforms Small-Scale catalog because the are not architectural or scenery oriented, but rather tools to help you paint realistic details to your layout.

May I introduce to you the Lyforms Small-Scale N Scale Street Stencils for creating pavement markings on your layout streets and roads. They are based on specifications found in the US DOT Federal Highway Administration: the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

While working on my own micro layout, I noticed that there was a gap in the n scale market for products like these. Most of what is out there are from Europe and consist of decals rather than paint stencils. I like the look of paint as it looks more like the real thing, especially after weathering techniques are applied.

Two stencils are available: NT001 & NT002. The NT001 stencil is for creating the pavement lines that define traffic lanes. It includes...

  • Double solid lines for two-way traffic
  • Single solid line for one-way traffic
  • Dashed lines for passing
  • Single solid line combined with dashed line for one-way passing or center multi-direction turn lanes
  • Shorter dotted lines for exit and on ramps

It also has holes for inserting pins so that you can keep the stencil stationary when applying your paints.

The NT002 stencil allows for the creation of many other pavement markings commonly found in the United States over the past 30-40 years. These include...

  • Railroad crossings
  • Parking spaces
  • Handicapped parking spaces including handicapped wheelchair markings
  • Three different pedestrian crossings
    • Parallel lines
    • Vertical strips
    • Angled stripes
  • Four different turn lane arrows
    • Left turn
    • Left turn or straight
    • Right turn
    • Right turn or straight
  • Double solid center lines for left turn lanes
  • Bike lane markings

Just like NT001NT002 also has holes for inserting pins so that you can keep the stencil stationary when applying your paints.

Of course, you don't have to purchase them separately. They are offered together as NT003.

For painting the markings provided by the stencils to your layout, I've had luck with using fine tipped paint pens. Yellow & white colored pens made by Uni Posca with 0.7mm tips (model PC-1MR) work well for the lines and smaller areas found in the stencils.

For painting larger areas, yellow and white colored pens made by Molotow called One4all acrylic with 1mm tips (model 127HS) work well.

Please take a moment and check them out: NT001 and NT002. If you like them both, then check out NT003. Hopefully they will find a way to mark up your layout!

Thanks for reading!