20 Ton Roof Top HVAC Unit


Photo of 20 ton roof top HVAC unitLyforms Small-Scale introduces a new roof detail to its catalog: a 20 ton HVAC unit. It is modeled after modern era combined heating and cooling system that I've seen on many roof tops of larger buildings.

I wanted to create a unit with the upside down triangle shaped coil section separated from the main unit box by the gap shaped like a right triangle. On top of the coil section are 6 circular fan blowers. On the end of the coil section is a recessed outdoor intake. These shapes provide unique, eye catching details that will take paint and weathering well.

As mentioned in one of my previous postings, The Importance of Roofs, roof tops are important when getting details right. When looking down at your layout, they are some of the first things that viewers will see and this HVAC unit is just the detail to make your roof tops look great!

Lyforms Small-Scale offers two other sets of roof details: SP009 and SP020. Both contain different sizes of HVAC units and stacks in a variety of shapes and sizes. They will go great with the 20 ton HVAC unit. You can read more about them in my blog post Roof Details, Part I.

Thanks for reading about the 20 ton HVAC unit. Hopefully they will find a way to your layout!