How 3D Filament Is Made


Image of 3d printing filamentAs explained in an earlier post, Types of 3D Printing Technology, Lyforms Small-Scale uses 3D printers based on fused deposition modeling (FDM), also known as fused filament fabrication (FFF).

This type of 3D printer feeds a spool of plastic filament through a heated nozzle via a stepper motor where it is melted and deposited on to a build plate. It will lay the melted filament material down onto the build plate layer by layer to create a 3D printed object.

As explained in another post, 3D Printing Materials, 3D printing filament comes in lots of different colors and material variations that allow you to create all sorts of fun things!

But how is the the 3D printer filament made? How do they turn it into 1kg spools that look like super long spaghetti noodles?

Well, this week I'm posting a link to an article on All3DP that explains the process of how 3D printer filament is made from creating the plastic from oil to the vacuum-sealed spools that you purchase.

Check it out: