Tiny Micro Layout - Update


Photo of tiny micro layout by Peter WaldraffBack in August 2020, I posted about a the tiniest working layout that I have every seen. It was built by Peter Waldraff with a footprint of less than 1/2 a square foot.

I linked to the first 5 videos that Peter put on YouTube. They don't complete the build, so I've been checking since to see if he has posted a 6th and final installment.

Well, it looks like he finally did, but it was more of an update rather than a conclusion. In the video, he reports that the motor on the trolley for the layout quit working. He goes on to say that the project is on hold until he can get a new one. Frustrating I'm sure!

So as not to leave people hanging, I have posted a link to Peter's 6th video below. We'll have to wait a while for this project to wrap up I'm afraid!