Office Building


Photo of Lyforms Small-Scale SK004 Office Building Photo of Lyforms Small-Scale SK004 Office Building Photo of Lyforms Small-Scale SK004 Office Building Photo of Lyforms Small-Scale SK004 Office Building

This week, I'm sharing some photos of the SK004 Office Building w/o Handicap Ramp. It had been a while since I had worked on a building kit. It's one of my favorite parts of model railroading. It was a lot of fun and provided great escapism while stuck at home.

This kit is the front building of the SK002 kit. It does not include a handicap ramp. You can read more about this kit and its siblings in my post from 2018 called "Going Postal".

I've seen buildings with pink-ish brick and wanted to duplicate that with this build. To do so, I first sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Satin Claret Wine and then lightly with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Satin Sweet Pea pink. The pink ended up being too pink, so I dry brushed all of the walls with the Claret Wine to darken it up. This allowed it resemble the way most bricks actually contain multiple colors when viewed close up.

I next applied several coats of white wash to make the mortar lines stand out and to give the bricks a weathered look. I wasn't happy with what the white wash was able to do, so I went to my chalks. I first applied some crushed white chalk with a brush. This provided a more powdered look that I've seen with with pink bricks. I also used it to bleach out the soffits and back door.

Since I had my chalks out, I decided to use some more of them to further weather the building. I used a dusty tan chalk as well as black to provide water stains from rain. I have so much fun weathering that I often go overboard when applying weathering techniques, so I made a conscious effort to use restraint. It was really hard!

While there is definitely room for improvement, I am happy with my first try at replicating pink brick. Next time around, I'm going to use my airbrush to see if that makes it look even better.

Please be sure to check out this kit as well as its variations:

  • SK001 includes both front and rear buildings with handicap ramp
  • SK002¬†includes both front and rear buildings without handicap ramp
  • SK003¬†includes only front building with handicap ramp
  • SK004 includes only front building without handicap ramp

Hopefully they will find a way to your layout!